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Alkaline - 9V, D, C, AA, AAA


Barcode Scanners



Cameras - Digital & Standard

Cellular Phone

Chargers, Conditioners & Maintainers

Coin Cell - Button, Wafer

Computer - Laptop & Desktop

Cordless Phone

Cordless Power Tools

Dog Collar

Electric Scooter & Wheelchair

Emergency Light


Game Feeder

Handheld Radio

Hawker - Odyssey

Hearing Aid

Industrial Rechargeable Cell

Jump Start Devices

Lawn Equipment


Medical Devices

Motorcycle, Scooter & ATV

Odyssey Batteries

Outdoor Equipment

PDA & Palmtop

Power Inverters

RC Toys

Rechargeable Cell - NiCd, NiMH, LiIon

Remote Keyless Entry

Riding Toy

Sealed Lead Acid - SLA,
Gel Cell

Security System

Smoke Detector

Solar Chargers

Solar Power Fence

Specialty Cell - Eveready

Survey Equipment


UPS & Backup Power Unit

UPS & Backup Power Units


Sale Items

Handheld Radio Model - Relm / Regency RSP500, RSP500B, SH505G

Batteries and Accessories:
400140 - We REBUILD your old BP600 Radio Battery - REBUILD SERVICE ONLY
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NOTICE; by clicking Add to Cart, you are agreeing to the Rebuild Statement (click here to read.)

We can rebuild this battery if it can pass the 4 tests that are detailed here: Rebuild Statement (click here to read.)or when you click on the picture or description.

Shipping prices available once you click Add to Cart under the item(s) you want and remember, the shipping price is for both ways, from you to us and from us back to you!

The process works like this: You place the order just like with other products. When we process orders from the Continental US we will email you a UPS shipping label that you will be able to place on the package and drop off at any UPS pickup location (Click here: or Call 1-800-742-5877 for locations). International customers will be emailed different instructions depending on your location.

When we recieve the battery we will remove the dead battery pack, replace it with the same high quality cells that we use in our brand new packs, fully test it and ship it back to you using the method you choose at checkout. All of this is usually done within 2 business days from the day we receive it (rare occasions take longer, you will be notified if this is the case).

NOTICE; by clicking Add to Cart, you are agreeing to the Rebuild Statement (click here to read.)

Actual product appearance may vary from photos shown.

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